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How to Prepare for Your Wisdom Tooth Removal & Extractions

How to Prepare for Your Wisdom Tooth Removal & Extractions

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wisdom teethA wisdom tooth removal can be traumatic to your mouth no matter how wonderful the dentist is. Therefore, you should treat the procedure as a major procedure, but don’t worry about it. Be prepared although you will be in good hands. The following are five tips that will help you to prepare:

Take Two Sick Days

Although some people do go right back to work after their wisdom tooth extractions, you may want to take two days to rest and recuperate after yours. A two-day break ensures that you go back to work with your full strength and capacity.

Stock Up With Some Fun Non-Solid Foods

Go to the grocery store and pick some of your favorite non-solid foods so that you can satisfy your hunger when you get back. Examples of foods that you can buy are Jell-O, pudding, apple sauce, chicken broth and yogurt. You can have fun eating quite a few items that will not harm the area where the dentist removes the tooth. Be sure to buy lots of water, as well.

Pick a Dental Visit Partner

You need someone to go with you to your visit to support you and keep you in positive spirits. You may need that person to drive you home from the visit, as well. Ask a best friend, family member or neighbor to go with you and help you through your appointment.

Meditate the Morning Before

You may want to take some time to meditate the morning of your procedure. The way you mediate will depend on your beliefs on the matter. You can find a quiet place and breathe until you feel spiritual wellness and balance. The time that you spend mediating will help you to stay calm for the duration of your visit.

Clean Your Teeth Extra Well

To avoid illness and infection, you should clean your teeth extra well the day of the procedure. Take your time flossing; brush your teeth for two full minutes and rinse with water or antiseptic mouth wash before you go to the specialist.

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