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3 Ways Veneers Improve Your Smile

3 Ways Veneers Improve Your Smile

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veneersA dental veneer is a thin shell that fits over one of your teeth. It’s made from ceramic so it looks just like a natural tooth. If you’re embarrassed by your smile, veneers may be able to help in one of these three ways.

Veneers Brighten Your Teeth

Traditional tooth whitening procedures don’t work for everyone. If one or more of your teeth are stained because of an injury or because you took antibiotics when you were young, you may think you have to live with the embarrassing condition. However, veneers may be the solution. Choose a shade of white you like and the dentist will bond the veneers to your stained teeth. This covers the stains, so your teeth look naturally white and bright.

Veneers Cover Chips And Cracks

Do you have a chip missing from a front tooth? This is enough to keep you from smiling. A veneer can fix this problem too. The shell is custom made so it will cover the tooth and the missing chip too. The result is a natural, beautiful tooth that gets you smiling again.

Veneers Make Teeth Even

Few people are born with perfect teeth. Some are born with teeth that are uneven. If you have a tooth that is shorter than your other teeth, then the dentist can lengthen it with a veneer. Just like covering a chip, a veneer can alter the shape and size of the tooth. All the dentist has to do is customize the shell to the exact fit of your mouth and you’ll have a tooth that looks better than new.

Veneers do wonderful things for your smile. When you love the appearance of your teeth, you have more confidence and aren’t afraid to show it. Don’t hide your smile behind your lips or hand any longer. Make an appointment to see if veneers are a solution to your problem.

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