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Top 6 Dental Symptoms You Should Not Ignore

Top 6 Dental Symptoms You Should Not Ignore

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chandler dentistEven if you see the dentist regularly, you may still develop problems in between your dental appointment. There are a number of symptoms that you should not ignore. 

Six Serious Dental Problems

Sores That Will Not Heal

It is normal to develop sores in your mouth. Stress, nutritional deficiencies and infections are some of the things that can cause sores to develop in your mouth. If you have a sore that will not heal, then you will need to see a dentist as soon as possible. Diabetes is one of the conditions that can slow down the healing process.

Changing Gums

Changing gums is a sign of gum disease. You should contact your dentist if you notice changes in gum color, pus, receding gums and swollen gums. You should also contact a dentist if you notice spaces forming in between your teeth.

Bad Breath

We have all experienced bad breath at some point in our lives. It is usually caused by poor hygiene or something that we ate. However, if you are unable to correct bad breath with brushing and flossing, then you will need to make an appointment with your dentist. Gum disease and dry mouth can cause bad breath.

Tooth Pain

Chronic tooth pain is usually a sign of a serious problem. It may be caused by an infection. Even if the pain goes away on its own, you should still see a dentist. Your body can fight off an infection by itself, but the infection may return. Only a dentist can determine the cause of your tooth pain.

Temperature Sensitivity

Increased sensitivity to hot or cold may be a sign of an infection. It could also be a sign that you have a filling that needs to be replaced. A dentist will be able to properly address both of those problems.

White Spots On The Teeth

White spots can indicate tooth decay. You may be not be aware that you have tooth decay. That is why regular dental appointments are so important.

If You Have any of these 6 Top Dental Symptoms and are in the Chandler or Gilbert, AZ area and Need a Dentist to Help you Call Our Office Today at 480-306-5506 

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