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Top 5 Reasons Your Teeth May Be Hurting: Dentist Chandler Shares Insights

Top 5 Reasons Your Teeth May Be Hurting: Dentist Chandler Shares Insights

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teeth hurtIt is a good idea to see your Chandler dentist if you are having tooth pain. This is the only way that the cause of tooth pain can be detected and corrected. There are several things that can cause tooth pain. If you need a dentist in Chandler, AZ that can help remedy some of these dental issues or provide a free consultation call our office today.


Cavities are one of the most common causes of tooth pain. If tooth decay is left untreated, then it can affect the pulp. This is the inside of the tooth that has the nerves and tissue. Pain can result if the pulp becomes irritated.

Gum Disease

Gum disease is another extremely common cause of tooth decay. It is estimated that half of people who are over the age of 30 have either mild, moderate or severe gum disease. This condition can cause your tooth to become inflamed and swollen. Gum disease can also cause abscess, which is a pus-filled pocket, to develop around the tooth. This can worsen tooth pain.

Sinus Pain

In some cases,a toothache does not indicate that there is a problem with your tooth. The problem may actually be caused by your sinuses. The upper back teeth and the sinus area share the same nerves. That is why if you are having sinus problems, then you may also suffer from tooth pain. This is often called referred pain.

Tooth Grinding

If you grind your teeth while you are sleeping, then you are likely to have tooth pain during the day. Loose teeth and chipped off teeth are signs that you are grinding teeth. A night guard may be needed to help you stop grinding your teeth.

Gum Recession

It is important to thoroughly brush your teeth. However, if you apply too much pressure, then this will cause your gums to recede. If your tooth root is exposed, then the tooth will be more sensitive. This can result in pain.

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