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Tooth Extractions: Tips For a Healthy Recovery & How We Can Help

Tooth Extractions: Tips For a Healthy Recovery & How We Can Help

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Tooth extractions may not be pleasant but they do help improve the overall health of the mouth by removing a dead or impacted tooth. While the dentist will take care of the removal, it’s up to you to take the necessary steps to achieve a healthy recovery. By doing so, you will not only speed up the healing time but will find that the experience is less difficult than you may have imagined. Some of the top tips we encourage you to follow are as follows. If you need a tooth or any teeth extracted because you are in pain call our office now for help.

Things to Avoid

1. Don’t Touch!

Try to avoid touching the extraction area with your tongue or fingers, as this may cause the blood clot to break.

2. No Smoking

For a minimum of 48 hours, we recommend avoiding smoking, as it can result in dry socket.

3. Don’t Eat Normally

Eating solids after extraction can loosen the blood clot, which is why soft foods are recommended once numbness from the procedure wears off. Softer foods such as warm soups, gelatin, pudding, and ice cream are the best options for the first couple of days.

4. Don’t Use a Straw

Sucking, sipping, and any action that results in suction are to be avoided.

5. Don’t Skip Cleaning

It’s important to gently clean the impacted area as recommended by your dentist. Avoiding this could leave you with an infection.

Things To Do

1. Use Ice Packs

Minimize swelling and pain by gently resting ice packs on the outside of the mouth where the tooth was removed. Only leave ice on for 15 minutes at a time.

2. Relax and Rest

Although the pain from the tooth extraction might be minimal and leave you feeling fine, it’s still important to rest. Avoid exercise and strenuous activity for 24-48 hours after the procedure.

3. Keep Gauze in Place

Your dentist will place a piece of gauze in the removal site for you to bite down on. This will help the bleeding to stop, although you should not chew on it. The gauze should be replaced every 30-60 minutes until bleeding has subsided.

4. Allow a Clot to Form

It’s important for the clot to form so the nerve ending will not be exposed.

5. Ask for Help

If you need a tooth extracted or need any help or have any questions once you’re home, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We want recovery to be a smooth process and one that will result in healthier teeth.

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