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The Benefits of Braces Will Brighten Your Life

The Benefits of Braces Will Brighten Your Life

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A piercing light shone brightly on me as two sets of eyes hovered gingerly above. With gloved hands, the orthodontist and his assistant expertly bracketed my crooked smile. Though this process would result in a line of teeth so straight it would make an elementary school teacher jealous, I was nervous nonetheless.

Bracing myself for those first orthodontist visits was a tall order for a timid 13 year old. My early teenage years were already a period packed full of acne, unexpected growth spurts, and awkward school dances. As time marched on, however, I saw my teeth look less and less like a Jackson Pollack painting. When my awesome orthodontist and his incredible team finally removed my braces, I was dazzled by the smile gleaming back at me in the mirror. In that moment, I knew the braces had been a worthwhile investment.

Benefits of braces
For many kids, getting braces can feel like the proverbial cone of shame. The end results of the experience, however, can convince even the most cynical skeptic.

As tenuous brace-wearers patiently await positive dental change, they may wonder what benefits will come from the venture. Though a brand-new smile is usually the ultimate reward, plenty of other positives result from braces, too.

Crooked teeth are straightened. Your perfectly aligned smile will no longer be a source of aesthetic consternation. With every molar and incisor in place, your ordered rows of teeth will turn heads left and right.

Eating is easier. Misaligned teeth can make mealtime an adventure. Whether you’re trying to chew with an overbite, or a stray particle lodges between your cuspids, eating can feel hazardous. Braces, however, significantly eases the process of getting your daily sustenance.

Oral hygiene is a breeze. Before braces brushing can feel inefficient and flossing like getting lost in a dark forest. Once the brackets have done their work, however, no tooth can escape your brush’s bristles.

Confidence goes through the roof. Choosing between a misaligned smile and braces can feel like deciding between the top and bottom sockets. For those individuals who undergo the process, however, the payoff makes the whole endeavor worthwhile. Your perfectly smiling pearly whites will make even Saint Peter jealous!

As you consider the benefits of orthodontic work, call your local cosmetic dentist and let the end results speak for themselves. Brace yourself for a brighter smile.

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