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Here is what you need to Know about Teeth Whitening in Chandler AZ

Here is what you need to Know about Teeth Whitening in Chandler AZ

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Everyone would want to have pearl white teeth as this is likely to be the first thing that a person will notice when talking to you. However, there are many factors that can make your teeth to get stained or get a yellowish color, and you will not be confident about your looks. As a result, you may end up avoid smiling or interacting with new people. Teeth whitening can help you to get rid of stains which have accumulated over the years.

Dr. J Philip is a professional dentist based in Chandler and will help you to gain a pearl white color of your teeth. Whitening of teeth is one of the most common cosmetic dental procedures in different parts of the world.

Unlike what some people may think, it is not a one-time procedure. It is advisable to seek the service regularly to maintain the pearl white color. The whitening involves cleaning the enamel of a tooth, which is the outer surface. A thin layer is formed on the enamel of a tooth daily, and this leads to accumulation of stains.

Another thing that leads to staining of your teeth is the pores that exist on the enamel. Some of the factors that increase the risks of staining include the use of tobacco, trauma, and taking dark drinks such as red wine. According to dentists, staining of teeth is more common in older people as their dentin darkens and enamel gets thinner.

In some cases, the stains may be inside your teeth and are called intrinsic staining which occurs after excessive exposure to fluoride during the early years of your childhood and certain antibiotics if taken by an expectant mother. The most common ingredients used in making whitening products include hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide.

The two components have been used by manufacturers of different dental products for years now and are considered safe for human use. Therefore, the process of teeth whitening in Chandler is safe and will not destroy your teeth if instructions for usage are adhered to. According to dentists, the process is only effective for cleaning stains in two to five shades of a tooth.

Various whitening products have different results, and the instructions for their usage varies. For example, you may be required by your dentist to wear a strip for 30-60 minutes daily depending on the effectiveness of the strip you are using. The whitening is not permanent, and you need to avoid the common causes of staining after the treatment.

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