summer drinksIt’s that time of year again. As the summer temperatures rise, we find ourselves sipping margaritas or other sugary drinks poolside. The BBQ grill gets fired up and family and friends gather around for tasty treats.

Dental experts want you to be aware that popular summer foods can be harmful to your teeth.

Try avoiding summer cocktails made with concentrated fruit juices and sodas, which are excessively high is sugar and acidity. Natural fruit juices are much healthier because of the lack of added sugar. Sugarless mixers are also much healthier for cocktails instead of mixers that contain sugar.

Large portions at meal times can also be harmful and cause heartburn. The stomach detects larger portions and produces more acid. If you are prone to acid reflux, which causes stomach contents to rise back up after eating, can cause tooth erosion. Limiting or avoiding highly acidic foods may help manage your symptoms.

If greasy burgers bother you, stick to grilled chicken or seafood or raw foods. Skip tomatoes and load up salads with milder vegetables and beans. Dress your burger with lettuce and guacamole and skip the ketchup. Pickles are also acidic and contain sugar and strong colorants that may alter a tooth’s color.

Be mindful of the foods you expose your teeth to this summer. After your meal, take a moment to rinse your mouth with water. This tip goes a long way to helping your teeth remain healthy and avoiding unnecessary dental visits.