One American dies every hour from Oral Cancer.  42,000 people will be diagnosed with Oral Cancer this year alone. It actually KILLS as many people as melanoma, and is now more common than leukemia. Oral Cancer is so deadly, because it is not visible to the naked eye until the cancer is in later stages three and four.

This is why Dr. Philipp offers Vizalite Oral Cancer Screenings in our office. This test finds Oral Cancer in its earliest stages when it can more successfully be treated.   It’s an easy exam and only takes a few minutes during your cleaning appointment.  During the exam you will swish with a special solution, we turn off the lights and then use a special light to do the exam.  Abnormal cells will actually reflect the light and will glow so we are able to find those spots that were not visible during a traditional exam. This allows us to detect abnormal cells earlier than in the past and early detection is the key to saving lives.

With the rise in Oral Cancer we are now doing Vizalite on all patients over 30 once a year at their hygiene appointments as a new standard of care.

Call today and schedule your Vizilite Oral Cancer Screening!