Implant Denture

Are you tired of uncomfortable, poor-fitting dentures that trap food, cause mouth sores, and move or click when you speak? Dr. Philipp can provide a better, more natural looking solution with an implant denture. He will determine whether you will benefit from traditional dental implants or mini dental implants when you come to our office, J. Philipp Aesthetic Family Dentistry.

Dentures by themselves do not function like natural teeth. The average denture wearer only wears the upper denture 60% of the time and the lower denture 20% of the time. The lower denture is often referred to as a “floater,” because it tends to float in the mouth rather than being securely anchored in place.  Traditional dentures allow the wearer to chew with 60% of the efficiency of their original teeth. For this reason, denture wearers cannot eat the same quality of foods that they enjoyed with natural teeth. This results in poor nutrition, poor food digestion, and poor health.  Implant dentures allow the wearer to chew with 95% of the efficacy of their original teeth.

In addition, the underlying bone that you rely upon to keep your dentures in place continues to dissolve because the denture does not stimulate the bone like natural teeth. Dentures can cause bone loss. The more bone you lose over time, the worse the denture will fit. The good news is that dentures retained by an implant denture can solve this problem.

Call our office today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Philipp to determine if an implant denture is the right solution for you.