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The Secret To A Healthier Smile

The Secret To A Healthier Smile

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Teeth whitening is all the rage these days. Sure, you want to show off your pearly whites. Remember, “you’re never fully dressed unless you’re wearing a smile.” Everybody wants a gorgeous smile to show off. Have you ever looked at someone’s teeth and been jealous? How do they keep their choppers so stunning and have the perfect smile on top of it? There is much work that goes into that smile. It doesn’t just happen by chance. You must take your oral health into your own hands.

Preventative Maintenance Is Key

The secret to a healthier smile starts with a trip to your local dentist. You need to see your dentist at least two times per year. During this appointment, your teeth will be cleaned and examined. Most dental plans cover a regular visit with cleaning at 100 percent, just check with your provider. A dental visit twice a year is good, but the American Dental Association suggests a visit every 90 days.

Why is preventative maintenance so important? Well, your dentist can identify any problems before they become major issues. A small cavity can be fixed with ease with little out of pocket cost. When you get into major issues, like root canals and crowns, these are cavities that have been let go too long. They are costlier to repair.

Correcting Imperfections

Some people hide their smile because of alignment imperfections. Many things can be done to fix those crooked teeth. Invisalign is a widely popular product that helps many adults correct their teeth without anyone knowing. Invisalign is for minor tooth imperfections. The clean trays are replaced about every two weeks with new ones. Each tray is custom made to shift your teeth into perfect alignment. The best part of this system is that no one knows you are wearing them.

A Healthy Smile Starts At A Young Age

While most adults are concerned with their oral health, these practices begin at a young age. You can make sure your children have a great smile through their adult life by ensuring that they see a dentist too. The first visit can be stressful; however, we will do everything we can to make the visit as comfortable and relaxed as possible. We can handle the anxious child. Try to make the dentist office a fun place. Giving stickers, finger puppets, crayons, or other mementos associate good feelings about their visit.

How long has it been since you’ve seen your Chandler, AZ dentist? Isn’t it time you make an appointment?

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