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4 Most Common Situations When Root Canals Are Necessary

4 Most Common Situations When Root Canals Are Necessary

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Root Canals Chandler AZ

Approximately 15 million root canals are done each year on patients of all ages. While not the most anticipated dental treatment, these procedures are necessary to restore dental health and prevent additional tooth decay. While not all dental issues require a root canal to treat them, those listed below do. By learning more about each, you may be able to avoid them by working on better dental care.

1. Deep Decay 

Teeth that have experienced deep decay and therefore developed an infection will often require root canals in order to restore their health. When this procedure is done, the infected tissue is removed from deep inside the tooth and the canal is cleaned. For individuals who are suffering from an abscess due to infection, this can resolve the problem so swelling goes down.

2. Trauma 

When a tooth is severely cracked or chipped, a root canal may be the most suitable solution to help treat it. This generally happens when damage from a hard impact reaches the bottom of the tooth, into what is called the pulp. A root canal will clean out the impacted area and fill it so a crown can eventually be placed.

3. Repeated Treatment 

One tooth that is repeatedly treated for any issue will become weak over time. Even repeat cavity fillings can deteriorate the health of a tooth and make it more susceptible to major damage. Root canals and a subsequent crown can help strengthen the tooth so it’s less likely to need to be removed.

Do You Need a Root Canal? 

Our dentist will evaluate your individual dental health to determine which procedures are necessary to improve any issues. However, some of the most common symptoms that often lead to needing root canals include:

– Pain when you bite down or eat
– Swelling on gums that is constant
– Discoloration on the tooth
– Heat or Cold Sensitivity

Delaying treatment will only increase the chances of needing a root canal. It’s best to let an experienced dentist do a comprehensive evaluation to determine what the best course of treatment is. If a root canal is the best course of action, you can rest easy knowing it can greatly help improve your oral health.

If you have questions about root canals or would like to schedule an evaluation with our dentist in Chandler, Arizona, please give our office a call today.

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