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4 Things to Know About Root Canal Treatment

4 Things to Know About Root Canal Treatment

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Do you sometimes feel a sharp incising pain in your tooth while chewing? This is a sign of an infected tooth. The condition is often accompanied by tooth sensitivity when you take hot and cold drinks. Once you experience such symptoms, it is imperative that you seek dental treatment. The most popular and successful treatment for a tooth infection is root canal treatment or therapy.

There are numerous misconceptions surrounding root canal treatment. Most of them may sound scary, while others even demonize the procedure. However, here are some facts about root canal treatment that you should know about.

Root Canal Treatment Recoups the Natural Tooth

When your tooth is badly decayed, you need to consider root canal treatment. When the procedure is done early enough, you stand a better chance of saving the decayed tooth. The dentist removes the decayed or infected pulp. He then cleans the cavity using rubbery equipment known as gutta percha. Eventually, he seals the gap by a regular filling.

Root Canal Treatment Alleviates Toothache

The idea that root canal treatment is a painful process is often misconceived. Dentists use anesthetics to numb the area before commencing the treatment. In the end, you will be given painkillers to manage the post-root canal discomfort. Besides that, root canal treatment relieves any toothache and sensitivity associated with a tooth infection.

The Procedure Minimizes Chances of Re-infection

Root canal treatment involves removing the infected pulp, cleaning the area, and filling the cavity. Therefore, it ensures that the infection does not spread to the tissue surrounding the tooth. Since the cavity is blocked, bacteria that could get trapped in it are kept off.

Cutting Edge Technology has enhanced the Treatment

In the past, re-infection could occur when the dentists missed some accessory canals during the treatment procedure. However, today there are technologies that enable the dentist to scan the root canal thoroughly to address the existing issues. Cone beam 3D imaging is one of such technologies.

Another innovation regarding root canal disinfection involves the application of fluid dynamics and acoustic energy. The dentist uses a sterilized equipment to deliver a vortex of cleaning agents through the infected cavity. It has the power to reach even the tiniest crevices in the tooth to ensure that all the infection is cleaned.

After undergoing a root canal treatment, you will no longer have to shy away from cold and hot drinks. It also saves you the trouble of tooth extraction or using dental implants.

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