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Red Wine and your Teeth: The Truth

Red Wine and your Teeth: The Truth

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A large portion of adults in the United States enjoy a glass or two of red wine every night. Wine can help relieve stress from a long day at work, improve the taste of dinner and promote great conversation between friends and family members.

Red wine drinkers often question their oral health and the appearance of their teeth. Red wine almost always leaves a dark red tint along the lips and on the teeth, and, like coffee, can lead to permanent staining and the need for teeth whitening treatment.

The real question is what affect does red wine have on an individual’s overall health.

Red Wine Effect on Cavities

Recent studies have shown that red wine, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, has the ability to restrict the growth of bacteria in oral biofilm. These findings however, have come into question by well known dentistry governing organizations in the United States.

When looking closer at the study, dental professionals discovered that red wine had no effect on the growth of a particular type of bacteria that is associated with cavities.

How to Prevent Red Wine Stains on Teeth

For those who love a glass of red wine, the following tips will help you keep your teeth nice and white:

  • Brush Your Teeth Before Drinking Wine – Dentists recommend brushing your teeth before you drink wine, not after. Brushing your teeth after drinking wine can cause further erosion to your tooth enamel.
  • Eat Cheese With Your Wine – Cheese and wine have always been a good combination in more ways than one. Eating cheese can actually help decrease the negative effects wine has on your teeth with a healthy layer of calcium protection.
  • Do Not Drink White Wine First: Wine lovers often drink white before switching to red. The acidity of the white wine will erode the enamel, allowing red wine to stick to your teeth longer.

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