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Important Dental Milestones for Kids

Important Dental Milestones for Kids

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kids dentist in chandler azAs adults, most people know to get their teeth looked at two or three times a year. However, when it comes to kids, it can be harder to know when to start treatments and what kind of treatments to seek. Children start seeing the medical doctor right away, but since babies are not born with teeth, dental screenings tend to start later.

Most dentists want to see children after their third birthday. This provides enough time for the child’s first set of teeth to grow in. Moreover, it is the perfect time for children to start establishing good oral hygiene habits. The dentist can assess the child’s teeth and provide targeted feedback to help the parents and child with future at-home maintenance. In the past, issues with baby teeth were not always addressed. Modern dentistry takes a more proactive approach, which promotes improved oral health for the child overall.

Dental visits should proceed regularly for the child just like they would for an adult. This helps the child get familiar with oral hygiene, and it also gets them comfortable with the process of going to the dentist. Regular checkups ensure that any problems do not get worse, leading to pain or defect. It is overwhelmingly useful for children to establish a good relationship with their family dentist in order to make oral hygiene something they enjoy.

As the child continues to develop, many parents begin to wonder about orthodontics. Most people require some type of orthodontic work to fix the way their teeth look and function. Most of the time, dentists do not recommend a visit to the orthodontist until the child has several permanent teeth. Because of this, most children have their first visit with the orthodontist when they are 7 or 8 years old.

Ongoing orthodontic care will depend on the child’s specific needs. Some children require very little work, which will mean fewer visits. However, if your child has more serious issues with spacing and crowding, ongoing care may last well into the teen years. In fact, some people continue to see an orthodontist until their wisdom teeth have grown in and their mouth is fully developed.

The best way to protect your child’s mouth is to maintain consistent habits at home and to always schedule regular appointments with the dentist. Any questions regarding your child’s mouth should be discussed with a dental professional that you trust.

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