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4 Reasons to Have an Oral Cancer Screening in Chandler, AZ

4 Reasons to Have an Oral Cancer Screening in Chandler, AZ

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Oral Cancer Screening in Chandler AZ

Did you know that dental professionals in Chandler, AZ offer oral cancer screenings? It’s possible to incorporate a screening into a routine dental checkup with ease. The question many people have is why they would ask for a screening. Here are four simple reasons that will help you see the importance of making use of this important aspect of protecting your health.

You’ve Never Had One

In fact, you never knew there was such a thing as an oral cancer screening in Chandler AZ up to now. Even if you don’t think there could possibly be anything wrong, it makes sense to ask for a screening as a proactive measure. Remember that different forms of cancer can be well developed before there are any obvious signs. You could be doing yourself a favor by making the screening part of your annual checkup.

There’s a History of Cancer in Your Family

While you can’t recall anyone in your immediate family having oral cancer, there are a few that have dealt with other forms of cancer. Keep in mind that any history of cancer in your family indicates that you might be at a greater risk. Just as you would have bloodwork done by your doctor each year, it makes sense to ask the dentist to conduct a screening annually. If anything is discovered, the treatments can begin immediately.

You Get Peace of Mind

Most people who have screenings find that there’s nothing wrong. That’s good news, since it indicates the odds are in your favor. Even so, there may be a thought in the back of your mind that something could be developing. Confirming that no cancer is present makes it easier to relax and concentrate on other matters.

Early Detection Translates into Higher Survival Rates

Assume that you undergo an oral cancer screening and your Chandler, AZ dentist confirms that there are signs that cancer cells are present. What happens next? You begin to undergo treatments to stop the cancer from spreading. Those same treatments are often sufficient to kill any existing cancer cells.

The key is discovering the presence of cancer as early as possible. Doing so increases the odds of bringing the cancer under control and eliminating it altogether. Think of what that means in terms of regaining your health and having many more years to spend with the people that you love.

If you’ve never had a screening before or if it’s been a number of years, now is the time to schedule on. In the best-case scenario, everything will look fine. If not, you have the opportunity to get treatments and get rid of the cancer before it causes permanent damage.

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