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Need a Root Canal Treatment in Chandler or Gilbert, AZ?

Need a Root Canal Treatment in Chandler or Gilbert, AZ?

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root canalThe pulp of your tooth lies beneath the dentin and enamel. The pulp consists of nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissue that are crucial in the growth and development of your tooth. When your tooth is fully developed, it can do without the pulp because the tissues that surround it nourish it. If Dr Philipp notices that your pulp has been infected or inflamed, he will advise you to have a root canal treatment.

Why is a Root Canal Procedure Necessary

Pulp inflammation or infection is a result of several factors including faulty crowns, a chipped or cracked tooth, decay, or consecutive dental procedures on your tooth. Additionally, trauma to your tooth may result in pulp damage without exhibiting visible cracks or chips. If your pulp infection remains untreated, it will be painful and may cause an abscess.

What Process is Involved in Root Canal Treatments

During an endodontic treatment or root canal, Dr. J. Philipp removes the infected or inflamed pulp, disinfects, and cleans the inside of your tooth. The affected part is then sealed with gutta-percha, a rubber like component. Later on, your tooth will be restored with a filling or crown for protection. After your tooth has been restored, it continues to function like a normal tooth again.

Is a Root Canal Treatment Painful?

Many root canal procedures are aimed at relieving toothaches resulting from an infected pulp. Dr Philipp uses modern anesthetics and techniques that ensure you are comfortable throughout the procedure.

During the first days after treatment, you may experience sensitivity in your tooth especially if your tooth was severely infected or if you were in a lot of pain before the treatment. Dr Philipp will recommend over the counter medication to relieve this discomfort. Your tooth continues to feel different from the rest of your teeth for a while after the treatment is finalized. However, if you experience severe pressure or pain for a few days, contact Dr Philipp.

How Much Does a Root Canal Procedure Cost?

The cost of a root canal treatment will vary based on the severity of your problem and the tooth infected. Treating molars is difficult and costs more. However, endodontic treatment is cheaper than tooth extraction. An extracted toot has to be replaced with a bridge or implant to prevent the shifting of adjacent teeth and to enable you to chew. These treatment options are more expensive than a root canal procedure.

If you need a root canal consultation call our office at 480-306-5506 to schedule and appointment today.

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