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Why You May Need To Get Your Wisdom Teeth Removed

Why You May Need To Get Your Wisdom Teeth Removed

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wisdom teeth removalWisdom teeth removal is one of the most common oral procedures. In fact, it is estimated that 85 percent of people will need to get their wisdom teeth removed. There are many reasons people choose to get their wisdom teeth removed.

Why People get Their Wisdom Teeth Removed


If wisdom teeth do not grow in properly, then they can cause inflammation around the gums. It can be hard to alleviate inflammation. However, if the inflammation persists, then it will eventually spread to other parts of the body. Removing the wisdom teeth can prevent this inflammation from spreading.

Impacted Wisdom Teeth

When the wisdom teeth do not erupt properly due to blockage from the other teeth, this is referred to as impaction. The impacted teeth can develop cysts and tumors. Even though those problems are rare, they are a cause for concern.


In many cases, the wisdom teeth cannot grow in properly because there is not enough room inside of the mouth. If there is little room, then the wisdom teeth will push the other teeth out of alignment. Even if you have already had braces, wisdom teeth can still push the teeth out of their proper position.

Severe Pain

Wisdom teeth can cause serious pain. The pain is often an indication of a serious problem. For example, the wisdom teeth may be infected. In most cases, the dentist will recommend that you get your wisdom teeth removed if they are causing you severe pain.

You are Having Problems Cleaning Your Teeth

Even if you are not having pain or problems with your wisdom teeth, you may still need to get them removed. Wisdom teeth are often difficult to clean because they are located at the back of the mouth. If you cannot clean your wisdom teeth, then you should get them removed.

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