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Why Invisalign Is Great for Salespeople

Why Invisalign Is Great for Salespeople

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invisalignIf you’re a salesperson, you most likely spend seven out of your eight daily work hours talking to people. And to make sales, you do have to engage in the task of communicating with people. Your encounters may be brief because of an alignment problem such as crowding, an overbite or an underbite. Your condition may cause you to purse more and cheese less.

Consequently, your lack of oral glimmer may subtly sabotage your sales. The good news is that Invisalign can help and we offer invisalign here in Chandler, Gilbert, and the Phoenix metro area for our current and any new patients looking for Invisalign braces.

Invisalign is a revolutionary system that uses clear plastic aligners to correct those dental flaws that only a mother or a potential prospect can love. Dental patients no longer have to dread becoming the Reynolds Wrap king or queen by wearing traditional braces. They now have a completely discreet option that is much more comfortable than traditional braces are, according to patient surveys.

Invisalign is an amazing system that the uses strategy and convenience to makes its point. The orthodontist develops the recovery plan using sophisticated computer technology. The lab then creates a set of aligners that only fits the patient. The patient wears the plastic aligners for 14 days, 20 hours per day, and then moves to the next set of aligners. Meanwhile, the patient can remove the aligners to eat, floss and brush the teeth. The removability helps the patient to keep his or her teeth clean. Furthermore, the treatment process for Invisalign is less than one year in some cases.

Millions of people have worn the Invisalign device since it first hit the scene about 20 years ago.

Contact a reputable dentist if it sounds like something that you’d like to try. J Philipp can help you with that. Call 480-306-5506 and tell them you want a treatment plan that is best suited for a salesperson or anyone interested in Invisalign braces or learning the cost.

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