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The Benefits of Using Invisalign in Chandler Arizona

The Benefits of Using Invisalign in Chandler Arizona

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One orthodontist speciality is studying issues with tooth alignment. These services are available to solve any issues with misaligned teeth. These professionals are proficient in repairing these conditions. Braces may not be the best treatment for your dental issues, so an orthodontist might decide an aligner is a better solution.

Invisalign is one of these options. For over 20 years, this option has been available to help straighten your teeth alignment issues. Improper alignment becomes worse over the years, when left untreated. Invisalign is used for the treatment of many issues related to the alignment of your teeth. From crowded teeth, gaped teeth and other alignment issues, this treatment can help to correct tooth alignment.

Metal braces may cause some pain issues, and Invisalign in Chandler AZ  is no exception. But the pain may be less severe, in the adjustment of wearing them. These clear aligners make it possible for a person to brush, as well as floss their teeth properly, since they are removable. Aligners leave no scarring of the teeth, and can be more attractive when smiling than traditional braces, as they are clear. Metal braces cannot be removed for brushing your teeth. Another advantage of this treatment is the clear liners can be removed when eating. No food gets stuck around them. You merely clean your teeth, and put the liners back in your mouth. However, for more severe issues, such as back teeth, braces may be a more advisable option.

Many people are interested in how long they might have to wear Invisalign. There may be some visible improvement within four months, but generally it will take at least a year to see some changes. For more severe issues that require metal braces, it might take up to three years. This is just an estimated time. All of this depends on your teeth, severity of the problem, and any other issues that might arise. This will also depend on the orthodontist’s professional opinion.

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