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How Much Does Dental Implants Cost?


We often get calls about dental implant pricing and how much would it cost for one or several implants. We also find other dentists sharing prices that range from $599-$2599 per implant. However, the best way for you to get a price is to always get a dental implant consultation.


Without physically looking at your dental situation the prices you find online will not mean anything for your specific situation. Also, it’s always wise to have a professional dentist like Dr. Philipp examine your teeth and where you need dental implants to customize a plan for your mouth.

Also, another reason is our office could have a special price going on at the time of your need. That price could change at any time so it’s always great to check with us first before committing to any other dental implant special.

Also, 5 things to know about dental implants via CNN Money

  • An implant beats bridges or dentures
  • Implants cost more than a bridge or denture typically
  • Not all dental implants are created equal
  • There are ways to get discounts as we described above
  • Timing can help
    • Implants are usually a two-part process — first putting in the implant, then covering it with a crown six to 12 weeks later
    • If you know you need one, schedule the initial procedure at the end of a calendar year, then have the crown put on in the following year. That way you can use two years’ worth of your pretax flexible spending account at work to pay a chunk of the cost. You’ll reap as much as 30% savings if you’re in a high tax bracket

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