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3 Things To Do When Your Gums Are Bleeding in Chandler AZ

3 Things To Do When Your Gums Are Bleeding in Chandler AZ

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It might not seem too scary to see a little bit of blood after you spit out your toothpaste during your normal brushing routine, but over time, constantly seeing blood from brushing or flossing can cause not only pain but damage to your gums and teeth as well. There are quite a few reasons that explain why you may see blood after rinsing and below are some of the most common reasons and solutions that you can use to combat this issue.

What can cause bleeding gums?

Let’s start with why you may be seeing blood after rinsing. Bleeding gums is caused by the buildup of plaque in the teeth which over time can harden into tarter causing irritation to the gums. This may also be an indication that you have or may be developing gum disease. There are a vast amount of reasons to see blood after brushing, although it’s important to narrow down what it could be to fix the situation.

3. Check your brushing habits

It could be something as simple as brushing too hard to flossing to aggressively, harming your gums in the process. Firm bristles from your toothbrush can scrap the sides of your gums which could be a reason why you see some blood. As you brush or floss, remember to be gentle in your routine and stay in the parameter of your teeth to reduce this problem. Try to integrate flossing if you don’t already as this may help fight the buildup of plaque that is harming your teeth as well as brushing 2 times a day.

2. Watching your diet

Many foods play a role in the overall health of our mouths, not just our bodies. A lack of certain vitamins such as vitamins C & K, too much sugar, and not enough vegetables affect your mouth in more ways than you know. Sugar is a leading cause of plaque buildup since in the most suitable environment sugar can thrive. Don’t worry though, even if you have a sweet tooth you don’t have to give up your chocolate bars altogether, just stick to moderation to reduce the effects sugar can have on your teeth.

3. Visit your dentist

This may seem obvious, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. If watching what you’re eating and adjusting your brushing routine doesn’t help with bleeding gums then seeing your dentist is the best course of action to ensure nothing serious has occurred. Your dentist can offer the advice you need – whether that’s a deep cleaning or some treatment your dentist will guarantee to stop your gums from bleeding.

In conclusion

Bleeding gums have many different reasons for occurring so identifying which reason is affecting you is the key to blocking any more damage to your teeth and gums. Although there are other indications of gum bleeding such as a side effect of being pregnant or bleeding disorders, you should still visit our dentist in Chandler AZ to get the best solution to gum bleeding and reduce the risk of disease.

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