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6 Activities To Make Brushing Fun For Toddlers

6 Activities To Make Brushing Fun For Toddlers

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Good dental habits should be started at a young age. Use the following tips to help make brushing fun for toddlers.

Let Them Practice 

To start teaching the child the appropriate way to brush their teeth, have them practice techniques by brushing the teeth of their stuffed animals. Once they seem to get an understanding of how to use the toothbrush, then have the child start brushing your teeth. Show the child the proper techniques for brushing their teeth and then have them practice the techniques on you.

Read Books About Brushing 

To encourage a child to adopt good dental hygiene, read to them different stories about brushing. Toddlers use books to learn and explore the world around them. Using a book, can help the child learn how to brush their teeth and why they need to brush their teeth.

Use Music

Good dental hygiene includes brushing for two minutes. There are different ways to get your child to keep brushing for the two minutes. One way is to have them sing a song. Depending on the age of the toddler, this can be a difficult task. Another option is to download a song or brushing app. These apps will have timers and songs to help ensure your child brushes their teeth for the appropriate amount of time.

Brushing Activities

Another way to get a toddler excited about brushing their teeth is to do activities with them. One option would be making a toothbrush holder out of a plastic dinosaur. Take the dinosaur and drill holes from top to bottom. Make the holes big enough to fit the toothbrush through. Another fun activity would be to make a timer for brushing. Start with a small jar filled ¾ of the way with water. Add a tube of glitter glue and one teaspoon of fine glitter. Then super glue the lid onto the top for a DIY timer.

Take Them Shopping

Take the child to the store. Allow them to choose the type of toothbrush and toothpaste they want. Some children will enjoy the bubble gum flavor while others may enjoy the fruity flavors. Letting them make the decisions will get them excited.

To help a child get excited about oral health, make it fun for them. Choose any of these activities to get them started on the right track to better oral health.

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