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Denture Implants Vs. Conventional Dentures In Chandler AZ

Denture Implants Vs. Conventional Dentures In Chandler AZ

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False teeth are simply false teeth to most people, right? Once you lose your real teeth, whatever you replace them with comes nothing close to natural teeth. But what if we told you that there is hope to reviving the feeling and looks of natural teeth? Today we will discuss denture implants and conventional dentures in Chandler AZ.

What are they?

Dentures are teeth replacements that epitomize natural teeth and sit on the gums in place of the missing teeth. They occur either in full or partial forms. Traditional dentures will sit on the gums and anchor for support from adjacent teeth. Conventional dentures are temporary and with time can become loose. For this reason, modern dentistry discovered implant-supported dentures. As the name suggests, implant dentures are supported by four to six dental implants installed in the jawbone. The denture doesn’t sit on the gums. Instead, it is attached to the implants.

Comparing traditional dentures and implant dentures

Are these two options equal? Definitely not. Here are some differences.


Traditional dentures tend to align more temporarily and can easily be removed and fitted as you would prefer. On the other hand, implant dentures involve the installation of titanium posts in the gums and jawbone to provide a base for attachment of the dentures. In most cases, implant-supported dentures are permanent, although some can snap out when cleaning.

Bone condition

Implants gradually fuse with the jawbone. Implant dentures improve bone structure and prevent the loss of other teeth if any. Conventional dentures are placed on the gums. They are the real definition of false teeth. As a result, the jawbone is prone to resorb and could affect the shape of the mouth and face. You are likely to improve your jawbone strength with the implant-supported dentures.


Implant-supported dentures normally are permanent, and if temporary, they sit in place tightly. This makes talking, biting, and chewing with the dentures easy. Traditional dentures are temporary and usually become loose over time as the jawbone density reduces. Since they only sit in place, they can get uncomfortable when chewing or talking due to their temporary status.

Both conventional and implant-supported dentures are excellent teeth replacement options. However, the implant-supported dentures easily override the traditional alternative with the numerous benefits it has to offer. If you need to get your teeth replaced, visit us at our Chandler, AZ dental clinic for consultation and the best remedies.

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