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4 Warning Signs That Warrant A Visit To The Dentist in Chandler, AZ

4 Warning Signs That Warrant A Visit To The Dentist in Chandler, AZ

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We get it. Heading to the dentist’s office isn’t the most exciting thing to do. Perhaps it’s the dental phobia that keeps you skeptical or a busy schedule that won’t give you adequate time for a dental check-up. Unfortunately, these excuses get caught up, and your body may begin to show reasons that warrant a dental visit. So, when is it time to see the dentist?

1. It’s been a while since you last saw a dentist

Your teeth need regular examination and check-up by a dentist at least every six months. Frequent check-ups ensure that the dentist detects problems such as cavities and gum diseases early before causing significant damage. Depending on the state of your oral space, the doctor may recommend preventive measures such as professional dental cleaning to remove tartar build-up or proceed to treat minor issues before they become complicated.

2. You have bad breath

Mild bad breath after eating food rich in garlic or caffeine is normal. It should go away after brushing and flossing your teeth. However, bad breath that persists even after brushing, flossing, and swishing mouthwash, could be a warning sign of some underlying problem. Unknown to the majority of people, bad breath could be a sign of a dental cavity, gum diseases, and infections, among others. Solve the bad breath menace by visiting your dentist and solving its causes.

3. Increased tooth sensitivity

Do you feel a tingling sensation when downing a cold soda? Perhaps a sharp pain when sipping on your favorite cup of coffee? This could be an early and clear indication of a cracked, chipped, or decaying tooth. Decreased integrity of a tooth exposes the nerves, which explains the increased sensitivity to temperature or sweet food. Make a point of seeing your dentist immediately and eradicate the issue before it grows into severe complications.

4. Jaw pain

Have you been waking up to excruciating jaw pains that remain unexplained? You probably have an involuntary grinding problem that requires immediate dental attention. It could also be the bacteria from cavities that travel to the tooth’s root triggering pain. If left untreated, it could invite more problems such as temporomandibular, tooth loss, and thin enamel.

Most of these signs grow into worse problems that demand higher costs of treatment. If you are experiencing any of these four signs mentioned above, create time to visit our dentist at Chandler, AZ.

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