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Did You Know Your Dentist Can Help You Have a Better Night’s Sleep?

Did You Know Your Dentist Can Help You Have a Better Night’s Sleep?

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Does a partner tell you you snore loudly and have periods when you appear to stop breathing and then you gasp for air? If you also wake up with a headache and feel sleepy all day, even with eight hours of sleep, you many suffer from obstructive sleep apnea. With OSA, you literally stop breathing for up to 10 seconds while sleeping and don’t begin until your body wakes you up. You’re sleepy all day because your body constantly wakes you up during the night to breathe again. You never get the deep, refreshing sleep you need to remain alert all day.

Who is at Risk Obstructive Sleep Apnea? 

Obese men are at the highest risk of developing OSA. Men tend to gain excess weight in their neck area and this causes increased soft tissue around the airway, making it smaller. People who takes sedatives or older adults may also experience OSA because the muscles which hold their airway open are too relaxed or have lost their muscle tone.

How is OSA Diagnosed and Treated?

Dr. Philipp will arrange an at-home sleep study for you to determine if you have mild, moderate or severe OSA. If you stop breathing over 30 times per hour, you have severe OSA and would need to use a CPAP machine at night. This is a machine with a mask you wear which many people find uncomfortable. If you have mild-to-moderate OSA, Dr Philipp can fit you with a custom dental appliance to keep your airway open all night long.

Is OSA Dangerous? 

People with OSA are at an increased risk for having a heart attack or stroke since the body isn’t taking in oxygen as efficiently at night and it cannot regulate the blood flow to your heart and brain as easily. If you’re sleepy all day, your risk of causing a vehicle accident also increases.

If you involuntarily fall asleep during the day, snore loudly or wake up gasping for air, talk to Our dentist in Chandler, Dr. Philipp about your symptoms. He may be able to help you get a better night’s sleep and wake up feeling refreshed.

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