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3 Ways Dental Health Impacts Overall Health

3 Ways Dental Health Impacts Overall Health

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Having strong teeth and a nice smile are important. However, dental health is about more than just having a great smile. Good dental health protects a person’s overall physical health in many important ways.

1. Reducing Infections

The body has many different methods of protecting itself from germs. One of those ways is through mouth tissue that does not readily absorb substances. Small amounts of germs that enter the mouth are sent to the stomach where the digestive system’s acids destroy the germs. A person with an unhealthy mouth may have sores and other injuries in the gums. These injuries provide a place for germs to enter the body. These germs can cause mouth infections that can spread to the rest of the body. Bacteria can also grow in an unhealthy mouth and cause infection.

2. Weakened Immune System

In addition to making the mouth more susceptible to germs and bacteria, poor dental hygiene can weaken the entire immune system. When the body is busy fighting infections in the mouth, it is less able to cope with infections in other areas of the body. This can mean that a person with poor dental health is more likely to develop infections from minor injuries such as cuts and scrapes.

3. Eating a Balanced Diet

A balanced diet is important for maintaining health and a healthy body weight. To get a proper mix of nutrients, people need to be able to eat a wide range of food. Biting into an apple, chewing nuts and enjoying a lean steak are all healthy activities that are difficult to do without strong teeth. People with dental problems often have to eat soft foods. In most cases, soft foods are low in fiber, devoid of protein and loaded with sugar and calories. A soft food diet often results in weight gain and other related problems.

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