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How to Make a Dentist Appointment Every 6 Months

How to Make a Dentist Appointment Every 6 Months

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Relatives and friends may have long chided you about your absence from the dentist. While a minor fear of serious dental work might still reside in your mind, you may actually have more anxiety about actually making the appointment. When it’s been some time since your last visit, this concern is a reasonable one. However, you should not allow worry to prevent you from receiving pivotal health care. Some tips can help you to make the call.

1. Build Your Confidence

As you’re thinking about making the phone call, you’re probably also envisioning how many years have gone by since your last dental appointment. Keep in mind that the receptionist is unaware of this information and that it isn’t the receptionist’s role to judge you. The goal of the phone conversation is to schedule you an appointment as efficiently as possible. The intent is not to engage in a deep conversation about your dental care habits.

2. Ask for an Appointment

When you call to book an appointment, all that you need to say is that you would like to schedule an appointment. The receptionist will likely ask if you are a new patient, and you just need to say yes. If you are asked for a reason as to why you want to schedule an appointment, you can simply say that you haven’t had a check-up and a cleaning in awhile and that you would like to do so. In the event that any additional information is needed, you will be asked.

3. Check on Insurance

While you do not necessarily need to ask many questions while booking the appointment, you should find out if your insurance plan is accepted. Doing so can help to calm worries about payment and allow you to focus exclusively on the appointment and your dental concerns. You may find the answer during this phone call, or you may need to call your insurance company to check. It’s a good idea to smooth out the information about insurance before booking the appointment so that you make certain that you are not wasting your own time.

Going to the dentist plays such an integral role in maintaining your health, and you don’t want to continue to miss out on the benefits of having regular dental appointments. While it can feel scary to make an appointment after a long absence, use these tips to build confidence and to know what to do.

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