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4 Tips On Keeping Your Teeth Healthy During Halloween in Chandler

4 Tips On Keeping Your Teeth Healthy During Halloween in Chandler

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Halloween is here again and the holidays aren’t far behind. You’ll be faced with seasonal treats and dishes that could give anyone’s sweet tooth a run for the money. If you’ve got dental work, those delicious concoctions might not seem so appealing. From crowns to dentures, we’ve got some tips that will help you enjoy all of your favorite treats without the dental guilt.

1. Leave Caramel Alone – This candy may be a smooth and creamy delight, but they’re no friend to anyone who wears crowns. Look for candies or items that don’t feature caramel if you want a dessert. If you absolutely have to get your hands on this sweet filling, think about flavored items instead. They still carry the rich taste without subjecting you to the potentially serious consequences.

2. Switch Places – If your dental work is only on one side of your mouth, chew with the other side to minimize possible damage. Keep in mind, good teeth might be harmed by excessive chewing of candy coated treats.

3. Avoid Nuts Around Those Fillings – Fillings might seem like they’re prone to whatever you can throw at them, but these durable dental fixtures have their limitations. Eating treats with nuts or nuts by the themselves is one of the easiest ways to damage fillings. Why? The hard exterior of any nut smashes against the filling and hits the surface with a surprising amount of force. Long story short, if you want to try anything with this ingredient, make sure they are crushed or ground. That’s your best chance at preserving fillings as well as any other type of dental work.

4. Check Your Adhesive Before That First Bite – It might be tempting to dive into the newest treats, but denture wearers should make sure their adhesive is in place and correctly aligned before you try anything. This tip goes for any type of adhesive product.

You don’t have to be afraid of treats if you’ve had dental work. Follow these tips and show a little caution to make the most out of the sweets you love. Of course, our dentist in Chandler AZ is always here to help. Schedule an appointment today to get a checkup before your next delicious adventure.

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