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3 Reasons Why Dental Implants are Important

3 Reasons Why Dental Implants are Important

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Dental implants are essentially replacements for natural teeth. They do a beautiful job of mimicking the appearance and functionality of a natural tooth, and in most mouths, are undetectable by the naked eye. If you’re thinking about getting an implant to replace a missing tooth, there are many reasons why this can be beneficial. Learn more by taking a look at some of the biggest benefits below.

1. Improved Chewing

Missing teeth can mean not being able to properly chew all of the food that you eat. This can result in trouble digesting and an increased risk of choking. This is why many Chandler, AZ dentists recommend patients who have missing teeth to have implants placed as soon as possible. Fortunately, since implants have the same appearance as natural teeth, they are capable of chewing food quite well.

2. Avoid Shifting Teeth

When a tooth is missing from your mouth, this can cause the rest of the teeth to shift as a result. While this move will be gradual, it can result in unstable and uneven teeth over time. By getting an implant, you can prevent this shifting and enjoy straighter and healthier teeth as a result.

3. Avoid Damage From Dentures

While partial dentures are generally safe to use if you’re dealing with missing teeth, the metal clasps used to keep them inside the mouth can cause damage to your existing teeth and gums. By opting for an implant, you won’t have to wear partial dentures and can still have a mouth full of healthy teeth. We specialize in providing dentures in Chandler and Gilbert AZ area too.

4. Improved Appearance

Missing a tooth, especially a noticeable one, can decrease confidence and ruin an otherwise beautiful smile. An implant can change this by making your smile whole again. Since the tooth will be designed to look 100% natural and like the rest of the teeth, it will be a perfect complement to your smile.

5. Avoid Bone Loss

Bone loss in the jaw is common after a tooth has been removed. In time, this can change the shape of the jawline and subsequently the face. Dental implants can help avoid this by fusing with the bone so it can remain stable.

If you need a dental implant in Chandler, AZ, or Gilbert, AZ give our office at J Philipp a call and we’ll be glad to schedule a consultation.

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