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How to Plan For the Days After You Receive Dental Implants

How to Plan For the Days After You Receive Dental Implants

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Along with learning all you can about the actual procedure, it makes sense to prepare for what will happen once the dental implants are in position. Doing so will make your recovery time easier and ensure the healing takes place with little to no complications. While every person and mouth will be a little different, these basics should be on your list of preparations.

Someone to Drive You Home

Your recovery begins the moment you leave the Chandler, AZ dental office. Sedation is common with any type of invasive dental procedure. Dental implants definitely qualify as being an invasive procedure. That means you will still be groggy for several hours after the work is completed.

Make sure someone accompanies you to the procedure. That person will be responsible for making sure you return home safely. That individual should also be available to take care of any errands or other things that are necessary to ensure you are comfortable as the sedation wears off.

No Other Plans for the Day 

It’s not just about allowing time for the sedation to get out of your system. Your body needs rest to heal from the surgery. Don’t make plans to go to work, even if you have a desk job. Exercise, going shopping, or anything else that requires more than a minimum of exertion should be avoided that first day. Concentrate on taking it easy.

Remember that while you can resume some activities the following day, others still need to wait until the dental professional provides permission. A workout at the gym is a prime example. Follow the guidelines provided by the dental team and your healing will progress without a hitch.

Expect to Take Antibiotics 

The dental team will supply you with a prescription for antibiotics. Depending on what took place during the procedure, you may also be given a prescription for pain killers. All prescriptions should be filled on the way home. Take them as directed.

Stick With Soft Foods

For several days after the dental implants surgery, plan on consuming soft foods. The dental team will supply you with a list of suggested foods. The first day, liquids and foods that require no chewing will be best. Puddings, mashed potatoes, and similar foods are often suggested for that first day.

Once the healing is complete, you will begin to really enjoy those implants. Remember the dental team is always on hand to answer any questions or provide advice if you notice anything out of the ordinary. In the end, you will have a beautiful set of teeth that will last a lifetime.

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