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Dental Crowns Provide a Sturdy Biting Surface

Dental Crowns Provide a Sturdy Biting Surface

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dental crown

For a patient with a severely damaged tooth, a customized dental crown can restore a smile while providing a sturdy biting surface. Beautiful dental crowns are used after root canal procedures to protect the remaining portions of a natural tooth, or a dentist can design a crown to repair a broken tooth. In the past, creating a dental crown took a long time because a dentist had to create a mold of a tooth before sending this item to a dental laboratory where a technician made the crown by hand. Today, a dentist uses computer-imaging software to collect a patient’s facial structure, and this information can help with making a dental crown quickly.

Dental Crowns Restore a Patient’s Smile

A dental crown is designed as a hollow cap that is made to fit over a damaged tooth securely. To ensure it remains in place, a dentist uses water-resistant adhesives or resins. Patients do not need to worry about having an ugly smile with dental crowns because most of the restorations are made of a combination of metal, plastics and other materials that are designed to match the color of surrounding teeth. With color-matching materials, a patient can smile, talk or open their mouth, and it is impossible to see a dental crown. A patient is still responsible for brushing their teeth at least twice a day and flossing around the dental crown once a day.

Dental Crowns Last for Many Years

A dentist will recommend a dental crown when a tooth has a deep cavity or an injury that interferes with chewing. In addition, if a patient requires a root canal, then a dental crown can protect the remaining exterior portion of a tooth. Dental crowns are also made to place on the top of a dental implant, dental bridge or dentures, but these are made in a slightly different way. For a deep cavity or root canal therapy, a patient will probably receive sedation medication that makes it more comfortable for the dentist to remove bacteria, internal portions of the natural tooth and a tooth’s roots. Before a dental crown is placed over the natural tooth, it is filled with durable materials to provide a strong bite. The average dental crown lasts as long at 10 years, but with proper care, some patients have the same restoration much longer.

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