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Crest Toothpaste Ingredients Polyethylene Being Removed

Crest Toothpaste Ingredients Polyethylene Being Removed

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polyethylene microbeadsRecently there has been a lot of buzz around Crest toothpaste ingredients in specific polyethylene. A dental blogger recently noticed blue specks in her patients gums. Those specs turned out to be microbeads or blue pieces of plastic found in garbage bags.

Our dentist Dr. Philipp was featured on the ABC15 News and CNN discussing the dangers of polyethylene microbeads in your gums and how polyethylene found in certain toothpastes can cause periodontal and gum disease.

Thanks to this investigative reporting and dentists speaking out about polyethylene and harmful ingredients found in Toothpastes Crest has announced it is phasing polyethylene out of it products of the next six months. Until then make sure to check to ingredients of any toothpaste you use whether it is Crest or not.

Here is the ADA’s statement on polyethylene microbeads.

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