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3 Things To Do If You Chip Your Tooth in Chandler AZ

3 Things To Do If You Chip Your Tooth in Chandler AZ

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The outer most part of the human tooth is made up of a very hard substance called enamel. The enamel protects the inner part of the tooth. Although it is a very hard substance, it is possible for it to chip. Follow these tips if you chip your tooth.

1. Avoid Using the Chipped Tooth

When you chip your tooth, you may have incurred thin, hairline cracks around the chip. It is important not to continue using that tooth to bite or chew on anything substantial until you can have it looked at by a dentist. If you continue using it, you are risking further damage. Make an emergency appointment, and until you’re able to get in, make some meal substitutes. Soup, broths, green juices and smoothies will keep you nourished until you can get the tooth repaired.

2. Get the Chip Repaired

Once you realize that you chipped your tooth, try and find the chip and put it in a clean container or bag and keep it moist. Dentists are often able to attach the chip back to the tooth using a medical adhesive. The other option, if you can’t find your chip and the damage is severe, is to have a porcelain veneer applied to the tooth. A porcelain veneer would be created to match the existing color of the rest of your teeth. It would then be bonded to the tooth, effectively disguising the damage to the tooth.

3. Don’t Delay the Appointment

A chipped tooth can be very painful if it has been damaged at the nerve level. One way to know if it has chipped near a nerve is by looking for a sensitive sensation when the tooth comes in contact with either cold or hot food and/or drink. It is important to visit a dentist in Chandler AZ even if you do not have pain or a sensitive sensation. The chipped part has likely removed the protective layer of the tooth in at least one location, which exposes the tooth to higher risk of cavities. In the long term, without dental care, you could lose the tooth to decay.

Although the outermost enamel layer of your tooth is made up of a very strong substance, a certain amount of pressure from a certain angle can be enough to cause tooth enamel to chip. By following these tips, you will make sure to have minimal damage to your teeth and your smile.

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