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3 Reasons to Consider Getting Dental Implants

3 Reasons to Consider Getting Dental Implants

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Dental Implants in Chandler AZ

Dental implants are one of the options that a dentist has of fixing the problem of a missing tooth. If one or more of your teeth is removed for one reason or another, you may want to have a dental implant. A dental implant is a safe procedure that requires a specialist dentist to undertake. There are many reasons why you should consider getting a dental implant. Three of the primary justifications for getting a dental implant are explained in this post.

1. Implants Help Conserve the Integrity Your Jawbone

A dental implant helps to conserve the jawbone, thereby maintaining the integrity of your face. If you lose a tooth and opt for the fixed bridge rather than a dental implant, eventually your jawbone starts to lose its shape underneath the missing tooth. The deterioration of the jawbone is caused by the lack of a tooth root, which means that the jawbone does not receive sufficient stimulation. The deterioration of the jawbone may also arise from the lack of implant-supported dentures. When the jawbone loses its structural integrity, it may be difficult to get a dental implant in the future without obtaining a dental bone graft.

2. Dental Implants Prevent Shifting of Teeth

Teeth tend to shift to fill the space left after you have lost a tooth. Getting a dental implant as early as possible helps to maintain the space between your teeth, besides making it easier to clean them. As the teeth shift to fill the space left after the loss of a tooth, they cause uneven spacing of your teeth. Unevenly spaced or crowded teeth are hard to clean. Inadequate cleaning of the teeth could cause dental complications.

3. Dental Implants Preserve Your Appearance

The deterioration of the jawbone due to missing teeth results in a sunken face and lips. The deteriorating jawbone makes a person appear older than they are. Dental implants have dental posts that ensure adequate stimulation of your body. Such stimulation is essential in the formation of dense jawbone material. This helps to maintain a full, youthful face that could boost your confidence.

If you have a missing tooth and have not considered getting a dental implant, you are missing an opportunity to maintain your appearance. The benefits of getting a dental implant surpass the demerits. If you are in Chandler, AZ, and would like the help of a professional dentist, seek the services of Dr J Philipp.

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