When someone mentions braces, most of us picture a teenager going through a tough phase in life with a mouth full of intertwining metal wires. Contrary to traditional beliefs anyone at any age could be a great candidate for braces. But what is the best age to have braces? This piece will look into addressing factors that point the finger at the perfect age to get braces.

What is the perfect age to get braces?
Braces are correctional devices aimed at fixing misaligned teeth. Over the years technology and dentistry advancements have contributed immensely to orthodontics. Today, we have clear braces for those who want to remain anonymous of the correction process. Children, in particular, are in constant growth and all their body parts change over time including the mouth. As the jawbone continues to strengthen, baby teeth begin to wither off allowing permanent teeth to sprout.

In the process, teeth will align themselves depending on how the milk teeth fall off. Most dentists recommend that a child should start visiting an orthodontist at around six years of age when some of the permanent teeth begin erupting. On to the question as to what is the perfect time to have braces fitted, there is no fixated date. Only an orthodontist can examine the current alignment and determine the right time to put the braces. Most children have their braces between the age of 7 to 14.

Is there an age limit to braces?
According to statistics, most patients going into dental clinics for braces are children and teenagers. However, this doesn’t disqualify the candidacy of adults when getting braces in Chandler AZ. Most adults will look to get braces as an intervention for crooked teeth resulting from missing teeth. In recent years, more adults are joining the braces bandwagon with the aim of restoring perfect teeth alignment.

Are there any specified differences in braces for various ages?
No. In most cases, braces have the same designs for all age groups. Nonetheless, every piece is customized and crafted to fit a particular patient. The size of braces will differ depending on the width of the mouth, size of the teeth, the strength of the teeth and spaces between teeth. With braces, all results aim at aligning teeth properly.

If you feel the need to have braces, no matter your age, you should probably head to our Dentist in Chandler AZ for examination. The exam from an orthodontist should clarify if you are an excellent candidate for braces.