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5 Signs Your Wisdom Teeth Need to be Removed

5 Signs Your Wisdom Teeth Need to be Removed

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wisdom teethThe removal of wisdom teeth is a very common procedure. It is estimated that 10,000,000 wisdom teeth are removed from 5,000,000 people each year. Therefore, the chances are good that you know of someone who has gone through this procedure. Maybe you have wondered if you should have your wisdom teeth removed. Even if they are not causing you pain or visible problems, there are some considerations to keep in mind.


Wisdom teeth, whether they are impacted or have erupted, can cause the other teeth in your mouth to move. This can cause crowding, pain, and problems with your bite. Alignment problems can arise making treatment to straighten the other teeth necessary.

Damage to Your Jaw

Cysts can form around the wisdom teeth leading to bone and nerve damage. Surprisingly, a cyst can be painless and go undetected until an x-ray is taken of the wisdom teeth. If a cyst goes untreated it can weaken the jaw so much that it fractures.


Unfortunately, wisdom teeth usually do not come in perfectly straight. A wisdom tooth can push against another tooth after it has emerged. Food will often get caught between the two teeth. And because the space is hard to get to making cleaning difficult, both teeth will begin to decay. This can result in tooth loss, not only of the wisdom tooth, but the molar next to it.

Resorption Cavity

Don’t mistakenly think that you have nothing to worry about if your wisdom teeth are impacted. An impacted wisdom tooth can push against the molar beside it as it tries to break through the gum, causing a resorption cavity. Although this is uncommon, it is still a serious concern because it almost always results in the removal of the affected teeth.


Impacted wisdom teeth can cause a great deal of pain as they try to erupt. The flap of gum covering the impacted teeth becomes red, swollen, and sore. It may even be difficult to open your jaw. The inflammation can lead to an infection referred to as pericoronitis that can be quite serious and requires treatment.

Because wisdom teeth can cause damage that isn’t visible, you should discuss your options with your dentist. As we age, our bones harden and this makes removal much more difficult. Therefore, it is better to do it now rather than later. Talk to your dentist to decide if removal is right for you.

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