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3 Treats to Avoid this Halloween to Keep Your Teeth Cavity Free

3 Treats to Avoid this Halloween to Keep Your Teeth Cavity Free

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halloween teethHalloween is a holiday full of traditions, such as dressing in costumes and consuming countless pieces of candy. Even though many of the treats taste great, the damage that the candy does to your child’s teeth can leave a bitter taste. Here are some of the top treats that your kids need to avoid this Halloween.

Sour Candy

These treats cause the most damage to your children’s teeth. Examples of sour candies include Sour Patch Kids and War Heads. Sour candies are made with high amounts of citric, malic, and fumaric acids, which cause damage to the tooth enamel. The enamel is necessary to protect the teeth. When the acid from the sour candies breaks down the enamel, your children’s teeth can chip and break easier. The enamel also insulates the teeth. Therefore, a lack of enamel will expose the nerves in your children’s teeth, making the teeth sensitive to a variety of changes, including the temperature in foods they eat.

Hard Candies

These treats are typically made with processed sugar that can hurt your child’s teeth. The sugar will sit on your child’s teeth long after the candy has dissolved. Out of all candies eaten, hard candy keeps sugar in your child’s teeth for the longest period of time. This leads to bacteria build-up and cavities. Make sure your child avoids hard candies this year, such as jawbreakers, lollipops, and Jolly Ranchers.

Chewy Candy

These are some of the most popular candies given away to trick-or-treaters, but the damage chewy candy does to the teeth makes it unpopular. The chewy sugar gets stuck in between your children’s teeth, in places that are extremely hard for a toothbrush to reach. When the sugar is not removed from the teeth, cavities can begin to form. It is important that your children brush their teeth thoroughly, and floss to try and remove the chewy sugar from their teeth. The best option would be to avoid chewy candies altogether, including Starbursts, candy corn, and caramel candies.

Choosing the best costume is not all your children have to worry about this Halloween. Keep in mind that the treats they eat have a major impact on their teeth, and smile. These treats are some of the worst candies for your children’s teeth. Therefore, in order to maintain a healthy smile, it is a good idea if you toss the sour, hard, and chewy treats when inspecting your children’s Halloween candy!

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