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3 Possible Reasons for Your Chronic Bad Breath

3 Possible Reasons for Your Chronic Bad Breath

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bad breath chandler azEven if you brush and floss your teeth religiously, you may find that your breath has a bad odor within a couple of hours. If so, your chronic bad breath, or halitosis, may be caused by one of the three reasons below.

Dehydration Decreases Saliva Production

While you may enjoy the dry, sunny weather of Arizona, the dry heat that comes with it can quickly dehydrate your body. When you become dehydrated, your glands cannot produce enough saliva to keep your mouth moist and clean, leading to a dry mouth and bad breath.

To ensure you are staying hydrated, monitor the color of your urine to make sure you are drinking enough water. When your urine is pale yellow, your body is adequately hydrated. If your urine is dark, however, drink a glass of water or a sugar-free beverage containing electrolytes.

Bacteria Living on Your Tongue’s Surface

Another reason your breath may have an odor to it after brushing your teeth is bacterial growth on your tongue. When bacteria are allowed to build up and thrive on your tongue’s surface, the gasses and byproducts they release have a bad smell that can wreak havoc on your breath.

To keep the bacteria on your tongue at bay, add an extra step to your oral hygiene routine. Buy a toothbrush with a tongue cleaner and gently scrape your tongue to remove the viscous top layer. Then, make sure you brush your tongue while brushing your teeth to kill and remove the bacteria.

Excessive Tartar Buildup

If your teeth have a thick layer of a yellow, sticky substance around the gum line, your halitosis may be caused by tartar buildup. Tartar forms when food is broken down and becomes stuck to the tooth enamel, where it builds up and releases noxious odors contributing to your bad breath.

Eventually, the tartar hardens to form plaque that could lead to gum disease, another potential cause of bad breath. You should have your teeth professionally cleaned once or twice a year to remove these substances, keeping your breath fresh and teeth healthy.

If you discover that your bad breath is not caused by any of the above reasons, you may have a more serious underlying condition, such as tooth decay or gum disease. Having a professional dental checkup can help you discover the reason as well as potential treatment options.

If you need a check up on your oral health and have your teeth looked at for your bad breath in Chandler or Gilbert, AZ call us today!

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